• Quest for identity

  • Project Quest for identity contains thousands of  photographs
    of personal belongings or artifacts as euphemistically called by  forensics
    photographed on forensic table used to assemble bodies from mass  graves.
    These are items people carried with themselves as they were running away  from
    Serb Army or when they were took for execution instead of prisoners 
    exchange as they've been told.
    Beside body parts these items are last resort of their identity, regardless
    to their simplicity.
    Items were recovered and are still being recovered from countless mass 
    graves across my homeland - Bosnia. Aim is to create searchable on-line data 
    base which will correspond with existing physical archive of these items, 
    forensic evidences to be precise, used in ongoing trials for war crimes but 
    above all as a tool for primary - visual identification of some 30 000
    missing  Bosnians (basically huge refrigerators with catalogued items) and
    accompanying book.
    I wish I could say enjoy it.

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